The Benefits of Intergenerational Mingling

The benefits of intergenerational mixing are numerous. In yesteryear, it was quite common to see generations living together  (or near one another) & mingling on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, this has become more of an exception than a norm.  To combat this, some innovative exchange programs like the Humanitas program (Netherlands) have emerged.  Designed by student Onno Selbach &  Humanitas head Gea Sijpkes, this wonderful program allows university students the opportunity to live rent-free alongside elderly patients in exchange for 30 hours per month of volunteer work at the home. The value has proven to be a two-way street; students & elderly residents share dialogue, offer companionship & guidance, and energize one another.  Read more…

Thank you to Dr. Sharon Hamill, PhD — Professor of Psychology & Faculty Director for the CSU Institute for Palliative Care at CSU San Marcos — for bringing this article & program to our attention.

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