Can Philosophy Make You a Better Leader?

Philosophy & Leadership

Philosophy is a powerful tool.  While many coaching and leadership programs stress communication and organization, few focus on the import of philosophical self-reflection.  But there is ample evidence that suggest they should.  A recent study in BMC Neuroscience revealed that a critical region in the brain (the ACC) is activated during critical thinking tasks.  The ACC is essential to a variety of skills relevant to successful leadership including, identification of values and strategic goals, information synthesis, and action plan implementation.

David Brendel, MD, PhD, Certified Executive Coach and Psychiatrist, discusses why and how philosophy can make you a better leader.  Read more…

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Brendel adopts a particular view of philosophical counseling which differs from that of Merlin MCC, Inc.  This has no bearing, however, on the significance of his discussion about philosophy and leadership.

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