Bringing Death Out of the Closet

Bring Death out of the ClosetBringing death out of the closet requires opening the door!  That’s what the Wake Up to Dying Project is all about.  Led by Executive Director Nina Thompson and her talented team, the mission of this national awareness and action campaign is to encourage people to think and talk about dying in innovative ways — through storytelling, art and other hands-on activities. “If we pay more attention to the way we die,” explains Thompson, “we’ll pay more attention to the way we choose to live.”

In addition to numerous on-site resources, the centerpiece of the traveling exhibit is a comfortable listening space where people can sit down and hear stories about life, death and dying from individuals. “We as a society do not talk about death.  We’re really afraid of it,” says Thompson.  Instead, let’s “take death out of the closet…put it out there and see how it changes our lives.”  Read more…

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