2016 Grief, Loss & Heartbreak Workshop

Our Grief, Loss & Heartbreak Workshop took place on Saturday, December 10th at the Reeder’s Alley Interpretive & Convention Center.  A unique 1-day gathering that incorporated elements of philosophy, psychology, yoga/stretching, mindfulness meditation, readings & poetry, the workshop served as an opportunity for individuals to navigate the grieving process in an environment that was both safe & supportive.  The workshop included healthy snacks & lunch, hot tea, coffee and water.  Meditation cushions, chairs & yoga mats were provided.   View & download the workshop schedule here!

Helena professionals that were involved in this unique workshop included: Jamie Anesi, M.A., LCPC (Transpersonal Counselor/Therapist & Oula and Movement Therapy Instructor at Dancing Lotus Center), Nicky Twitchell (Cert. Yoga Instructor & Owner of Hot Yoga Helena), Justin Whitaker, M.A. (Philosophical Advisor for Merlin CCC, Cert. Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner & Adjunct Philosophy Instructor at Carroll College),  Troy DaRonco — Merlin CCC Board Member, Life Coach, and Mentor for boystomen.org and Marisa Diaz-Waian, M.A. (Founder & Executive Director of Merlin CCC, Cert. L.B.T. Philosophical Practitioner/Philosophical Counseling).

Grief can manifest for a number of reasons — the death of a loved one, loss of a job, a change in status, issues related to personal health and the environment, and more. It can also include numerous emotional components — sadness, loss, angst, frustration, anger, and despair. How do we deal with these feelings? What sorts of things can we do to stay afloat and/or dive in?

Resources from our Workshop

Troy DaRonco (Life Coach/Grief Strategies)

Troy can be contacted at [email protected] or #619-398-7547.

Justin Whitaker (Mindfulness Meditation/Buddhist Philosophy)

Justin can be contacted at [email protected] or #406-431-6220.

Marisa Diaz-Waian (Philosophy/Philosophical Counseling)

Marisa can be contacted at [email protected] or #406-439-5788.

Jamie Anesi (Transpersonal Psychology)

Jamie can be contacted at [email protected] or #406-465-6845.

Nicky Twitchell (Yoga)

  • Please contact Nicky directly for yoga & grief resources

Nicky can be contacted at [email protected] or #406-202-1451.

Poetry/Heart Shares (Participants)

Poetry/Heart Shares (Presenters)

Some Thank You’s

Thank you to our community scholarship fund donors Thomas Gannon, Dundee Warden and Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe for your generous contributions. Because of you, we were able to help fund several community members struggling with grief & experiencing financial hardships attend our workshop! Thank you so much for your kindness!!


sweetgrass-bakeryreal-food_imageThank you to our community sponsors Sweetgrass Bakery (for providing freshly-baked goods to our workshop participants) and Real Food Market & Deli (for contributing fresh produce & more)!


Photos from Our Workshop

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