January 2018 Philosophy Think & Drink (squared)

Our January Think & Drink (squared) went swimmingly.  Our group explored emergence theory.  Specifically:

  • Can we understand biological entities better by treating them as process rather than entities? 
  • And what can we learn philosophically by appealing to emergence theory?

To prepare for our group discussion, participants read the following articles:

Thank you to Merlin volunteers Ross Peter Nelson & Michael Chapman and T & D regular Nick Gevock for facilitating our first Think & Drink (squared)…and for all of the individuals who participated in the dialogue!

For those who were feeling particularly ambitious and were interested in gaining some background on emergence theory, the following links were offered:

Thanks to the generosity & super high-tech curating skills of Jemma Z. Hazen, you can also access all of the above resources by clicking on the Merlin CCC Flipboard page!

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