January 2018 Philosophy Think & Drink

Our January Think & Drink was great fun!  We had a huge turn-out with almost 70% new faces! After intro’s and several great questions being posed –e.g., What/where is the line drawn relative to when something is considered “disposable” and where does intrinsic value come into play in this equation?; What is truth?  Can it be seen absolutely?  Or is it just a matter of perspective?; What can each of us do to create the most good?; and, What makes us think that perspective is perspective? — our group decided to explore a question posed by Michael Chapman.  Namely:

Would it be better (more harmonious, more stable) if we all had a single worldview?

While the question seemed pretty straightforward, it quickly became apparent that it was not and the majority of our discussion concerned trying to hammer down on the actual meaning of worldview and its “components” (i.e., the things which inform our respective worldviews), as well as the role of stability and harmony in evolution, and the possible ramifications of single versus multiple worldviews.

To supplement the ongoing dialogue (external and internal!)…here are some interesting articles inspired by our T & D that are worth considering:

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