December 2018 Philosophy Think & Drink

What a wonderful way to finish 2018!  A great crew and thoughtful discussion, coupled with tasty grog & eats….yes please!! 

Here is a look at what we explored, some pics of the fun, and a favorite quote from the eve that we still find ourselves giggling over (and relating with on a daily basis!).


The Question We Selected as a Group

  • Have humans transcended evolution?  Is this even possible?

Our Favorite “Knowledge-y/Nature-y” Quote from the Eve

I mean… think about the snow geese.  Every year they respond to and interpret data around them and know precisely how, when, and where to migrate.  How do they “know” this?!! For *&@’s sake… I can’t even find my car keys!! (Thomas Baumeister)

Some Things Explored & Unpacked in the Process

  • What exactly are we meaning by ‘evolution’?  Genomic expression?  Cultural expression?
  • Is all change evolution/does evolution always involve change?  Are there examples where stagnancy can be considered evolution?
  • How does the concept of ‘response’ fit into all of this?  And what about conscious choice?
  • Must everything that is part of evolution be ‘natural’?
  • What do mean by ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’?  For example, what if we came up with biodegradable plastic….is this natural?
  • Is the natural-unnatural distinction necessary?  What about in cases where value judgments are involved?
  • And oh yes….what about the American Beaver dam and the ‘Sea Turtle armed with H-Bomb capabilities’ world?  (Thank you Thomas Baumeister and Jemma Hazen for these gems!)  

Thank you to the Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization (PLATO) for supporting philosophy in the community and helping us bring activities like these to the Helena community! 

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