October 2019 Philosophy Walk: Story & Imagination Across Cultures

We had so much fun on our October Philosophy Walk.  Our group of 15 enjoyed the splendors of Mother Nature on Merlin Nature Preserve and explored the role of story and imagination across cultures.  As a special treat, we also got to experience drumming & singing with Shane Doyle, an immersive “imagination cultivation” exercise with Henry Kramer, and to be part of the joyous news delivered by some of our walk-goers that (as of the morning of the walk) they had become new grandparents!  What a great way to start a story!!!

Some of the things we explored:

  • The role of story and imagination in Native American communities
  • How story and imagination have contributed to community living and various responses to environmental and social situations
  • Myth, metaphor and philosophical reasoning
  • Rhythm, music, and singing in Native American communities and stories
  • How to cultivate story and imagination in our everyday lives
  • And more…


The Role of Story in Indigenous Cultures (Shane Doyle)


Story & Imagination (Henry Kramer)


Myths, Language & Song (Shane Doyle & Henry Kramer)


Cultivating Storytelling in Our Daily Lives (Henry Kramer, in Hayride Wagon)



Some Resources

About Our Philosophy Walk Guides

Read More About Shane...

Shane Doyle, Ed.D (Independent Educational &  Cultural Consultant, Native Nexus Consulting) is a Crow tribal member who grew up in Crow Agency, and currently resides in Bozeman, MT.  A singer of Northern Plains tribal style of music for 30 years, Shane also holds a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, and completed a post-doctoral appointment in genetics with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2016.  With 20 years of teaching experience, Shane is a full-time educational and cultural consultant, designing American Indian curriculum for many organizations, including Montana public schools, the National Park Service, and the Museum of the Rockies.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Bozeman-based Extreme History Project, Hopa Mountain, and the Archaeological Conservancy, as well as serving on the Montana Arts Council culture and aesthetics committee and the Governors Parks in Focus Committee.  Shane was a founding member of the Montana Wilderness Association’s Hold Our Ground Campaign in 2017, and speaks throughout the region on the topics of northern Plains Tribal culture and the importance of public lands in Montana.  He was instrumental in the repatriation of the Anzick Clovis Child, and worked as a consultant and actor for the History Channel’s “Lost Treasure of the Little Bighorn Battle.”

Read More About Henry...

Henry Kramer, MA (In Progress) is a Masters student at the University of Montana in both the Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Literature programs.  He is also the 2019 Merlin Student Scholar Fellow.

As an undergrad, Henry studied comparative religion and philosophy, with a particular focus on indigenous perspectives and phenomenology.  He has traveled extensively, including spending several months in New Zealand studying Maori culture and society.

After graduating, Henry was involved in the creation of Storyeon, a think-tank based out of the Jung Institute in Manhattan, and with them, presented on a panel at the United Nations on the wisdom of myth and story. 

Henry is currently writing a thesis on wonder, and the role of wonder in fostering our connection with and ethical treatment of the natural world.  In his spare time, Henry enjoys eating vegan food that other people have cooked. 

Thank You’s

Thank you to P.L.A.T.O. (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization), Montana Internet, BWP Helena Great Northern Hotel, and the American Philosophical Association for helping support our philosophy in the community programs and making events like this possible!  Thank you to our philosophy walk guides Shane Doyle & Henry Kramer.  Thank you also to Michael Chapman for capturing photos of the walk…and to our walk participants who helped to make the day so special with your thoughtful comments, questions, stories, and insights!

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