October 2019 Kid’s Halloween Hayride-Philosophy Walk (“Planet Hopping & Star Walking: A Journey into Outer Space”)

Woot-woot!  We had such a great time on our annual Halloween Hayride Philosophy Walk!  This year’s outing was bumped to the first weekend of November at the insistence of Mother Nature. But…what a difference a week makes.  Our weather was spectacular!

Led by our guest storytellers & space travelers for the day, Martin Richard (the space bat) & Michael Chapman (the planetary paparrazzo), as well as Marisa (the mythical star walker) and charioteer extraordinaire (Red the Wizard), our crew of young philosophers headed off for a fun-filled day of stories, science & art inspired activities, and nature exploration. And, of course…a hayride, goodie bags, hot apple cider, and homemade caramel corn! 

What We Explored on Our Hayride-Philosophy Walk

Inspired by the stars and wonder, this year we explored the world from outer space! Some of the terrain we visited:

  • The planet earth — Where we made our own constellations and constellation stories
  • The solar system — Where we did a scavenger hunt and learned about orbiting 
  • The galaxy — Where we learned about distance by taking moon steps and sun steps
  • Black Holes — Where we ate caramel corn, drank hot cider, explored, and tried to reach escape velocity
  • The Cosmos — Where we were given mad scientists beakers by red the Wizard and learned about what happens to light when the universe expands

On the way out, we were also surprised to find an um-marked box and a note hidden in a tree by the creek that said: “Please give these to your young philosophers so that they can continue their journey with the stars.  Love, The Universe.”  Our charioteer Red the Wizard opened the box and found an awesome pile of books by H.A. Rey called “Stars: A New Way to See Them.”   THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!! (and Montana Book Co.!!)

Check out pictures from our October 2019 Kid’s Halloween Hayride-Philosophy Walk below!

Thank you so much to all of the kids (and adults) who helped to make our day so much fun!

Special thank you’s to our guest storyteller & activity gurus, Martin Richard (aka Space Bat) & Michael Chapman (aka Miguel the Planetary Paparazzi) and to our Hayride Wagon Driver Extraordinaire, Russ Danaher (aka Red the Wizard).  


Thank you to P.L.A.T.O. for helping us provide these activities to the Helena community and your generous grant that allowed us to secure such fun goodie bag gifts, hay, treats and other items that helped make this walk a success!  And thank you to Montana Book Co. for helping us (and the Universe) secure such a wonderful set of books for our young philosophers!

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