March 2016 Philosophy Walk (Philosophy, Technology & Nature – Part 1)

Merlin | March 2016 Philosophy Walk | Group PhotoWe had a wonderful time on our March philosophy walk. The rain held out for our stroll on Mount Ascension and trail conditions were great (mud and all!). Views from all areas were phenomenal providing us with stunning scenery and ample time to enjoy fantastic conversation about philosophy, technology & nature — an admittedly HUGE topic. In fact, there was so much to cover, that we’re doing a “part two” walk in April!

Our group came from a variety of backgrounds and brought wonderful things to the conversation. We explored the following topics on our meandering:

  • What is nature? What is technology?
  • What are some examples of the ways in which we might be connected/disconnected from nature?
  • What does a healthy/unhealthy relationship with nature look like?
  • What role does technology play in our lives?
  • What is the relationship between philosophy, technology & nature?

Check out more pictures from our March 2016 Merlin Meandering below!

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