August 2017 Philosophy Walk (The Democratic Institution & Machiavelli)

Our August Philosophy Walk took place on Sunday, August 20th at Dump Gulch and featured special guest speaker/philosopher-on-trail, Carroll College student Jacob MacDuff who explored a critical & very timely topic — i.e., the democratic institution.  A small crew of 4 — we set off for a hike, took in the “less-smokier than previous days” air, and enjoyed a discussion about:

  • Machiavelli’s theory of Democratic decline (as expressed in The Prince)
  • A critique of American political life in the context of Machiavellian thought, and
  • How individuals and communities can protect the people’s power in a democratic society

In the same context as above, we also enjoyed mini-discussions in-between walk stops about fear v. respect, the value, method & use of satire, justice and injustice, and the role, aims and reality of media (and news) in today’s world.

Thank you to Jake MacDuff for your very thoughtful & informative presentation! 

Please, note… for individuals who were not able to attend due to competing obligations (e.g., out of town for the solar eclipse) and injuries (we’re wishing you a quick recovery, Michael!), we are pleased to be able to offer you an audio recording of our philosophy walk discussion below. 

To listen to this philosophy walk discussion, click on the play button below!

Thank you to P.L.A.T.O. (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization) for helping to support our philosophy in the community programs and making events like this possible!

Check out more pictures from our August 2017 Merlin Meandering below!

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