August 2016 Philosophy Walk (Eastern Philosophy & Eastern Medicine)

Our August philosophy walk was phenomenal. Our group headed out at 8am for a fun journey up Mount Helena and enjoyed wonderful conversation about eastern philosophy & eastern medicine! The Fall-like weather, clear skies, sunshine & gentle breeze were fantastic. And…the brilliantly colored mountain blue birds were an absolute treat!

On our walk we explored the following questions:

  • What is Eastern Philosophy?
  • How do Eastern & Western Philosophy differ? How are they the same?
  • What is Eastern medicine?
  • How do Eastern and Western medicine differ? How are they the same?
  • How do concepts of Eastern philosophy inform Eastern medicine?
  • How do concepts of Western philosophy inform Western medicine?
  • What research is being conducted in the field of Eastern medicine & what are the findings?

Special thanks to our guest speaker/co-philosopher on trail, Dr. Michael Bergkamp! Thank you also to Justin Whitaker (who kindly agreed to an impromptu discussion about mindfulness).

Listen to & watch some of the topics discussed on our philosophy walk by our special guest speaker/ co-philospher on trail, Dr. Michael Bergkamp, and our impromptu guest speaker, Justin Whitaker !

Check out more pictures from our August 2016 Merlin Meandering below!

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