2020 Merlin Mailer End-of-Year Newsletter

Hello Helenan’s (and fellow friends near and far),

Well…we’re in the final leg of 2020…a year that, for obvious reasons, has been a challenging one for us all.  Part of us feels inclined to deem it a year to forget.  But this would not do justice to some of the amazing beauty that has occurred amidst the chaos — the people and communities that have come together; the tireless efforts, innovation, and adaptation of so many — of individuals, families, workers, scientists, businesses, and schools; the re-investment in civic engagement and duties — regardless of where one falls on the political spectrum; the kindness of strangers and support from loved ones; and a revitalized appreciation for our interconnectivity and “the little things” in life.

While 2020 has helped to reveal society’s deep fissures (and in many ways ripped them wide open), it has also shown us another picture — the possibility of a better WE.
This is, I think, among our most important tasks in 2021…keeping this possibility alive and moving toward that horizon TOGETHER.  Each of us plays an important part in this, each an interlocuter in the dialogue.

For us, philosophy provides a way to do this — to question, to think rigorously and creatively, to examine (our thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, values), to attune our senses and gain new and enriched perspectives, to face life challenges and persevere, and to cultivate and build community TOGETHER.  

We are honored to be part of such a loving and supportive community and are looking forward to being of service, learning from, growing with, and contributing to a better WE with you all.

We hope you enjoy our Merlin Mailer newsletter, highlighting some of the things we accomplished (with your support) this past year…and what’s on the radar for 2021.

With Kindness & Gratitude,
Marisa Diaz-Waian
Founder & Director, Merlin CCC
119 Reeder’s Alley, Helena MT 59601
PO Box 2034, Helena MT 59624

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