The Power of Metaphor

Photo Credit: Greg Fromholz

Photo Credit: Greg Fromholz

Metaphor is a powerful tool.  Philosophers, poets, scientists, artists, authors, and thinkers across the ages have turned to metaphor to help clarify ideas, make connections, enlarge perspectives and scope, and cross intellectual & emotional terrains. 

In this wonderful On Being interview conducted on December 22nd of 2016, Krista Tippett and Pastor Eugene Peterson discuss the role metaphor and poetry have played in his life and interpretations of religious texts (the Bible in particular). 

A compelling, beautiful, and down-to-earth discussion, his insights on the capacity of metaphor to capture and relay some of the deepest aspects of living, as well as provide perspective on how we think and come to understand the world around us, make Pastor Peterson’s conversation relevant to all, regardless of religion, faith, or lack thereof. 

We hope you enjoy.  Please press the play button below to listen to the interview.

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