Technology in the Classroom

In a time where on-line distractions are at an all-time high, is there room for technology in the classroom?  More precisely, can technology if used correctly help facilitate student engagement & enhance learning?  Recipient of the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer and Chemistry Lecturer and Ohio State University, Dr. Matthew Stoltzfus thinks so and offers an interesting perspective about how he was able to “flip the classroom” through technology to help stimulate discussion and (the) brain activity of his students. 

Learning is about content, curiosity and relationships.  Content is about what we as instructors deliver to students.  Curiosity is about what students bring to us.  And relationships is about we bring each other.  When you’re innovating with technology in the classroom…don’t use technology just for technology’s sake…use it to pique the curiosity of learners…[use it] only when its necessary…[and use it] to allow students to see things differently. – Matthew Stoltzfus”

DISCLAIMER:  For some reason, this video is titled How Socrates Can Help Stimulate Your Brain Activity…however there is no mention of Socrates in the discussion.  Hence, our title of Technology in the Classroom which is much more aptly fit.

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