Our Final Moments & Things That Matter When Dying

A poignant, moving, and beyond insightful presentation, Executive Director at Zen Hospice Project & palliative care physician, BJ Miller, offers a clear-eyed view of mortality & things that matter to us all when dying:  grace, dignity, respect, existential peace, wonder, comfort, feeling unburdened (and unburdening), enlightenment and love…those spaces in between and things that help us feel human…and connected. This video should be watched by everyone…whether for self-education or general information that can help us all be better caregivers & friends to those we love.

Dedicated to: My father, mentor, teacher & best friend Lee B. Waian (in memoriam), my gma & gpa Frankie & Jack Johnansen (in memoriam), my good buddies Jenkins Turner, Bob & Hopi Stevens (in memoriam)…my momma (living) Tricia Clemons, and my dear friends (living) Ruth Vallejo-Revizcky & James Revizcky, Sharon Hamill, J. Angelo Corlett, Arnold McMahon, Troy & Julie DaRonco, Joyce Delaney, Bob Judd, Frank Baele, Liz & Mark Johnson, David Kutruff, David Spencer, Bill Hallinan, Michael Chapman, Tom Cladouhos, and Tim Holmes.

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