Grief vs Depression

Grief & depression are not the same thing.  You can grieve without being depressed and without your grief leading to depression.  However, the distinction is a sticky one and can walk a fine line.  For these reasons and more…therapists and medical professionals have avoided categorizing those who have just lost a loved one as clinically depressed.  This was known as the “bereavement exclusion.” But — as per the newest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual (APA DSM-5) — this exception has been eliminated.  This change has raised a considerable amount of debate in the profession.  Listen to this discussion about grief vs depression and what effect this this change to the diagnostic manual might have across the board!

Merlin MCC | Grief vs. Depression

Additional Note: In an article in Psychology Today, Allen J. Frances, MD — Professor Emeritus at Duke University — provides an overview of the possible issues with the elimination of the bereavement exclusion from the DSM-5 (as well as the general diagnostic challenges associated with grief).  Read more…

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