Ancient Greek Insights for Today’s America: A Philosophical Conversation

Sponsored by Merlin CCC and the Carroll College Philosophy Department, this free evening program was an informal conversation about greek philosophical insights and how they relate to and can help us navigate our everyday lived experiences

Guest participants were provided with a set topic, not as a debate, but rather as an illuminating conversation. Marisa Diaz-Waian (Philosopher & Director, Merlin CCC) introduced the symposium panel, while 2019 Merlin Student Scholar Fellow & PhilosopherHenry Kramer, served as the moderator and aided in directing discussion.  Invited guest scholars included:

  • Barry Ferst, Professor, Philosophy (Carroll College)
  • David Nowakowksi, Philosopher & Senior Mentor for Fellowship Scholars (Merlin CCC)
  • Mark Smillie, Professor, Philosophy (Carroll College)

Thank you to Humanities Montana and Carroll College for their generous support of this symposium, to Helena Civic Television for filming and broadcasting the discussion, to our guest speakers and moderator, and to the Helena community!

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