Our Philosophical Consulting Rates

Flora on MNPOur philosophical consulting services are offered on a sliding-scale basis with the needs of your budget and end-goals in mind. We will work with you in the ways that you need so that we can help you (and your team) find your way with philosophy!  Our fee structure is provided below.  Greater detail about the specific sorts of services we offer can be found by visiting our philosophical consulting page.

Forms of Payment

We accept cash, check or charge.  Payments can be made on-line or in-person & payment schedules (i.e., graduated payment plans) are available if needed.  We also offer sliding scale rates to those who qualify.


Fees for Services

Our philosophical consulting rates vary by service performed.  To learn more, please contact us by clicking on the applicable link below:

Sliding Scale

  • Individuals/Families  – We offer sliding scale rates for individuals seeking philosophical consult who qualify.  The procedure for determining need includes the review of a basic intake form completed by the individual/family & consideration of his/her/their income (as well as extenuating circumstances). 
  • BusinessesSimilar criteria apply to businesses/institutions for whom rates are set according to need, ability to pay, and the degree to which the engagement directly furthers Merlin CCC’s charitable purposes.  The procedure for determining need includes the review of a basic intake form completed by the contracting party and consideration of the parties’ finances.

Determination of Need (for Individuals/Families)

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines serves as our primary referent for determining need for individuals/families (in addition to consideration of extenuating circumstances & other relevant factors). Basic qualifying information is provided below.

  • Gross Incomes over 2x the federal poverty line = Full Market Rate.
  • Gross Incomes 1-1.5x the federal poverty line = ½ Rate
  • Gross Incomes 1.5x-2x the federal poverty line = ¾ Rate
  • Gross Incomes below the federal poverty line = Eligible to receive free care/services.










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