Can Philosophy Help Us Deal With Death?

Merlin MCC | Philosophy & Death

When it comes to death, philosophers’ have often focused their attention on what death means for the person who has died.  But what about those who are “left behind”?  Julian Baggini – philosopher, author & founding editor of The Philosopher’s Magazine — discusses three dimensions of death: what death means…

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Making Critical Thinking Part of the Curriculum

Merlin MCC | Making Critical Thinking Part of the Broader Curriculum

Critical thinking is an important skill to cultivate and not just for those in the sciences.  According to psychologist Rachel Grieve, it should be part of the broader curriculum.  Why?  “Being able to actively consider and evaluate information, identify biases, examine the logic of arguments, and tolerate ambiguity until the…

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Can Philosophy Make You a Better Leader?

Philosophy & Leadership

Philosophy is a powerful tool.  While many coaching and leadership programs stress communication and organization, few focus on the import of philosophical self-reflection.  But there is ample evidence that suggest they should.  A recent study in BMC Neuroscience revealed that a critical region in the brain (the ACC) is activated…

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