Young Philosophers Take On COVID-19 in the Twilight Zone


For the past several months, our young philosophers at Cottonwood ALC have been engaged in a Film & Philosophy project inspired by the The Twilight Zone series — a timeless and deeply philosophical classic exploring socially and morally relevant topics.

In the past several weeks, COVID-19 has taken our communities by storm, forcing the closure of schools, businesses, restaurants, libraries, transport, and more.   In other words….a real time, real world Twilight Zone

In response to this, our young philosophers at Cottonwood ALC have opted to take on COVID-19 in a manner that would make Rod Serling & Socrates proud.  Their adaptability, creativity, and resilience is inspiring!


Here is a snapshot of THE DIMENSIONS they will be exploring over the course of the next couple of months and what to keep a look out for come June.  It is times like these that shine a spotlight on the deep-rooted importance and value of philosophy to our every day lives!

    • Our young philosophers will be learning about COVID-19 and other pandemics from a philosophical & historical perspective.  Projects will involve reading, viewing, reflection, response & discussion.
    • Then, with the context provided from Dimension 1, our young thinkers will watch a COVID-19 inspired movie (at home) and respond to various philosophical questions raised throughout.  We’ll then have a group discussion about these on an on-line platform.
    • In Dimension 3, each of our young philosophers, will take on the challenge of filming a Twilight Zone meets COVID-19 monologue (at home).  The monologues will involve responses from our first two dimension activities and personal reflection on our current situation.
    • In this dimension, each of the monologues provided by our young philosophers will be morphed into one group monologue resulting in an original philosophical work focusing on COVID-19 and the TWILIGHT ZONE we are all experiencing.  The film will be featured on our website, social media, and Helena Civic TelevisionStay tuned….

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