Zen and Explaining Death to Children

Zen on Explaining Death to Children

Making sense of death is hard enough for adults, but what about children?  Author Maria Popova explores this topic by examining the life work of Zen teacher Seung Sahn Soen-sa (1927-2004) who, in his book Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, offers a wealth of insight aimed at helping young minds…

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Eulogy Virtues: Cultivating an Inner Light

Merlin MCC | Cultivating an Inner Light

Living a virtuous life involves much more than what’s included on a resume.  It involves cultivation of a particular sort — a striving for and obtaining of what David Brooks — New York Times columnist and author — refers to as ‘eulogy virtues.’  In a heartfelt discussion about the sorts…

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Why a Walk in the Park is Good for Our Brains

Can walking in green, natural spaces (parks, outdoors, natural environments) improve your mental health?  Yes!  A growing body of research shows that being in nature does in fact lower stress levels, improve memory & enhance affect (mood).  But how exactly does it do this?  According to a recent study in…

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The Benefits of Intergenerational Mingling

The benefits of intergenerational mixing are numerous. In yesteryear, it was quite common to see generations living together  (or near one another) & mingling on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, this has become more of an exception than a norm.  To combat this, some innovative exchange programs like the Humanitas program…

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Caregiving in the New Era

America is facing a new reality.  Americans are living longer than ever.  Soon, elders will outnumber the young.  What does this mean in terms of how we care for our loved ones (and ourselves)?  How we manage our finances & juggle work and personal obligations?  How we structure our healthcare,…

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How Philosophy Can Help Us Grieve

Merlin MCC | Grief Image | Scholarly Articles

Navigating the Wake(s) of Loss: How Philosophy Can Help Us Grieve Marisa Diaz-Waian, International Journal of Applied Philosophy 28:1 (2014): 19-48. ABSTRACT: How might approaching loss philosophically help us grieve? What does it mean to approach something philosophically? Why might such an approach be advantageous to studies of grief? In…

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My Mom the Magician Superhero: Showing Up & Being There

Growing up without a father can be difficult & painful.  Comedian, storyteller, actor, and philanthropist, Anthony Griffith, shares his story about life without a dad, the superpowers of his mom (his magician superhero), and the kinds of thinking you have to “put away” when growing up.  Listen to his moving…

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Learning Critical Thinking through Deliberate Practice

Merlin MCC | Critical Thinking Image | Scholarly Articles

Argumentation Step-By-Step: Learning Critical Thinking through Deliberate Practice Ann J. Cahill and Stephen Bloch-Schulman, Teaching Philosophy 35:1 (2012): 41-62. ABSTRACT:  In this paper, we offer a method of teaching argumentation that consists of students working through a series of cumulative, progressive steps at their own individual pace—a method inspired by…

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