“Thinking About A Place”: An Invitation to Explore Helena Afoot

This is a good time for a bit of urban introspection. With so many usual activities on hold, it’s a good time just to
get out and walk around in Helena, thinking about “place”. When we get that “sense of place”, what’s going on? What are we “sensing”, and to what extent might it be a shared sense, something we can compare ideas about as we consider Helena’s future?

This project invites people to explore Helena afoot & consider questions about “place” – an oft overlooked but critical element to the understanding and appreciation of a city and its history. A space is abstract; a place is a space with meaning. From its historic storefronts and iconic architecture to its meandering natural walls and pathways, Helena is packed with “place.” But why? What is it about Helena that continues to call out — not as a dot on map but as a unique lived experience that beckons and makes one feel at home? 

Learn more and join in here!

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