Merlin Student Scholar Fellow: 2nd Year Fellowship Award

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be extending Carroll College Student, Julianna Breit’s, Student Scholar Fellowship into 2022-2023.

Merlin Student Scholar Fellow:

2nd Year Award

About Julianna

 Julianna is moving into her senior year at Carroll College double-majoring in Biochemistry and Philosophy with minors in Ethics and Value Studies, Neuroscience, and Chemistry. Her research interests include Phenomenology of Emotion, Trauma, and Empathy. 

In the first semester of her 2021-2022 fellowship, Julianna examined and wrote about the philosophical underpinnings and consequences of grief on the individual as both a philosophical being and community member.  Read her work here! She was also a regular participant in our philosophy in the community activities.   

In her second semester, in addition to continued research and writing,  she was involved in the philosophical critique and analysis of our community activities and designed & led a philosophy workshop in the community based on her work.  Access resources & photos here!

Julianna’s 2021-2022 Fellowship Projects

Research & Writing

Philosophy Workshop


Julianna Breit was our 2021-2022 Merlin Student Scholar Fellow. We were so impressed by her that we decided to award her a 2nd year fellowship.  Stay tuned for information about what Julianna will be working on during her 2022-2023 fellowship. 

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