Reeder’s Alley Block Party Fundraiser Generates $4,686 Value for Philosophy in the Community & Reeder’s Alley

Our 2019 Reeder’s Alley Block Party fundraiser was a success (despite the persnickety weather)!  Thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors and donors, and to everyone in the Helena community for coming out to partake in the fun, we were able to raise $4,686 value for philosophy in the community and Reeder’s Alley!

We had a great time hosting the 5th Annual Reeder’s Alley Block Party and celebrating community & ideas; honoring history & Reeder’s Alley; contributing to the creation of environments that encourage intellectual curiosity & wonder; and encouraging the exchange of  ideas and civil discourse.

$2,686 value was raised for the beautification and enhancement of Reeder’s Alley $1,800 of which went to flower purchase and planting throughout Reeder’s Alley and $886 of which went toward facility improvements  — and $2,000 value was raised for philosophy in the community — specifically allocated to our 2019 Big Ideas by Little Philosopher’s programThank you, Helena!  View pictures and videos of the 2019 Reeder’s Alley Block Party here!

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