Jim “Poz” Posewitz: He was the Real Deal


There was no B.S. about Poz.  He was the real deal.  In the 2nd page of his  2018 autobiography My Best Shot, Poz said: “Montana has been my home for more than half a century and because it amounts to something, it will most likely be what I see on my final day.” 


In death, just as in life, Poz was a man who followed through with his words.  (And, with his wicked sense of humor, he would whole-heartedly appreciate this  “pun-iferous” sentiment). His “best shots” have made Montana a better place.  And his legacy will continue to do the same.  These are the marks of a great teacher.  Someone who walks the walk.  Someone who inspires greatness in others.  Someone whose “best shots” never end.


It has been an honor and privilege knowing you, friend. Here’s to continuing kicking up dust!   Marisa 

Some Musings

I had the pleasure of meeting Poz  (and his amazing partner Gayle) through Nick Gevock (Conservation Director at Montana Wildlife Federation)  & Thomas Baumeister (previously the Education Supervisor at Montana Fish, Wildlife & Game) in the Fall/Winter of 2016.

Every time we met, my perspective on the world expanded.  We talked about all sorts of things —  philosophy, education, science,  the environment, and….oh, yeah, lets’ not forget…beer and sports analogies.  He was a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Open, giving, honest, and one hell of a funny guy….I took great pleasure learning from and with him, laughing, and sharing stories with one another.  He was so down to earth! 

In the course of one our talks, I asked if he would be willing to co-lead a philosophy discussion in the community, alongside Thomas B.  To my delight, despite some of the health complications he was going through, he readily agreed.  We recorded the event at Montana Wild.  If you have not had a chance to watch/listen it, here it is (CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE AND IT WILL TAKE YOU THERE): 


Some Words

Shortly after Poz’s autobiography came out, I was gifted (by Poz) with what has become one of my most prized possessions — a personal inscription from a conservation hero.  His words were heart-warming, to the point…and, in true Poz fashion, an invitation and encouragement to keep up the good fight.  To keep kicking up dust with him.  
For all you do to make us think about the wild and why we both need it and love it. – Poz
Thanks Poz.  I — and all those for whom you have inspired in similar ways — (we) won’t let you down.

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