Luciano | The Merlin Meower

Merlin MCC | Luciano - The Merlin Meower MascotEvery organization needs a mascot, right?!  Our resident furry four-legged is Luciano…affectionately known as the ‘Merlin Meower.’  While not formally trained in philosophy, Luciano has spent many years contemplating the mysteries of the universe, including mankind.  A lover of the outdoors, yoga/stretching, high places, and a huge fan of snoozing in the sun, Luciano is kind, loving, astute & extremely insightful.

Cats were considered gods in ancient Egypt.  No doubt, this also means that they received praise & gifts of some sort…like belly rubs, tuna fish or crunchy treats.  If I were a cat during that time frame, I would have dropped some hints about cardboard boxes and dangling strings.  You show me a cat who can resist either…and you will have arrived upon the equivalent of “un-catness”!

A loyal & affectionate member of the Merlin CCC team, we love Luciano and are thrilled to have such a “paws-itively” marvelous critter on board who so diligently works to keep us  on our collective toes!

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