Troy DaRonco

Image of Troy DaRonco | Board Member of Merlin MCCBoard Member, Troy DaRonco, was born in Superior, WI. After growing up on a country farm, he moved to Minneapolis and later to San Diego. Determined to make a difference in the world and fueled by an avid love of learning, Troy has studied a range of subjects in the Science and Humanity fields, including: Botany, Health and Nutrition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Spiritualism, and Faith.

A business owner, strategic interventionist, bereavement and grief counselor/mentor, and life coach, Troy is a compassionate and skilled communicator who is constantly looking for opportunities to serve.

To me, being an interventionist means being there for a person through some of their most harrowing life-moments and then, with time, helping them see the possibilities that lie beyond their pain.

In addition to counseling, mentoring, and coaching, Troy is a volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a mentor for the Boys to Men Mentoring organization, is authoring his first book, and launching his website Troy currently resides in San Diego, CA, with his wife Julie and dog Chewy.

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