J. Angelo Corlett

J. Angelo CorlettBoard Member, J. Angelo Corlett, was born and raised in Southern California. He received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Arizona in 1992, specializing in ethics and philosophy of law. Angelo was driven to pursue philosophy during his early college years when he first read Plato’s Apology wherein Socrates’ trial is recounted. His goal then was to study philosophy and become a philosopher, writer and teacher.  Why philosophy?  To paraphrase Socrates: so that we can become better for the rest of our lives (and help others do the same).

Angelo’s passions concern matters of social justice, identifying problems, and discovering solutions to those problems.  In particular, he claims: “Life is a constant learning process that usually has practical implications.  Responsibility and compassion must be brought into delicate balance.”

I feel fortunate to be able to serve as Professor of Philosophy & Ethics at San Diego State University in Southern California, and to be able to pursue my life’s passion with enthusiasm.

In addition to teaching and serving as Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Ethics: An International Philosophical Review, Angelo lectures locally, nationally and globally on various philosophical issues, and publishes on a wide range of moral problems. To view Angelo’s bio click here.

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