Arnold McMahon

Arnold McMahon | Board MemberBoard Member, Arnold McMahon, was born in England.  After high school, he was offered a scholarship to study in the United States.  His academic journey in the U.S. began with the exploration of numerous courses in physics, psychology and sociology.  Due to  some fundamental questions about the human condition and other such matters that the aforementioned could not seem to adequately (or rigorously enough) address, Arnold turned to philosophy.  So began his lifelong commitment to the discipline.

Teaching at such places as University of Southern California, CSU Dominguez, Humboldt State University, Saddleback College and Los Angeles City College, Arnold has enjoyed helping others to embrace and value philosophy and the love of learning.

It has been a great joy teaching!  I have always felt like I was the luckiest man in the world being able to do what I really wanted to do.  And the quest continues.

Retired in 2009, Arnold is still active in the philosophical community, has authored several books and articles, and continues to lecture and present at numerous venues.  To view Arnold’s CV click here.

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