Board Members

Merlin MCC | Tree Rings & Board MembersMerlin CCC’s Board of Directors is made up of a distinguished group of professionals, each with a unique and varied background in Philosophy and/or Psychology.   A motley & sophisticated crew with a shared love for teaching, learning and research, our board members have spent a considerable number of years examining life & the human condition (as well as helping others to do the same).  All have been instrumental figures in his/her respective field, and have written, published, participated in, directed, and led an unfathomable amount of pedagogic charges, all aimed — in the end — at improving some aspect of our lives.

The result: an indispensable board with a broad-range of perspectives and capabilities & a shared intent to leave this world a better place then they found it. 

To learn more about our our board members, please click on the links below.


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